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Pan Duo® The Half Round & Half Square Pizza Pan


Pan Duo® the first and only patented and trademarked half round & square pizza pan.


Finally there is a pizza pan that combines the delicious taste and crust of a round and square pizza all in one unique pan.  No more arguments at the dinner table fighting over which type of pizza to choose from.  Save time, money, and the headache of choosing between a round and square pizza and just sit back and enjoy the best combination since peanut butter and jelly. 


Customize your Pan Duo® pan to whatever pizza size, pan thickness, material , or coating that best suits your cooking criteria. 


Be the first to have the exclusive rights of owning this pan and be the only company to offer your customers this unique combination of a round and square pizza.    


Since Pan Duo® is patented and trademarked to give pizza store owners the competitive edge over their competitors Pan Duo® is offering commercial rights for the use of this pan.  Your store, franchise, or corporation will have exclusive rights to purchase and use this pan for commercial use only.  Any Pan Duo® pans sold at retail stores cannot be used for commercial use.  Your store, franchise, or corporation will be exclusively allowed to use this pan and sell round and square pizzas to your customers commercially.   Hurry and take advantage of this great opportunity before the rights to own this pan are taken.




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