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Pan Duo®: Ultra Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Copper Coating & Easy-Cut™ Guiding Guides
(Equal to 14” Diameter Pan x 1.5” Depth):    Retail Price $24.95  
Pre-Order Price $20
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Pan Duo® Pre-Order Offer:


Pan Duo® Pans are stackable, cooks your pizza perfectly, and the combination of the two most favorable pizza styles makes it enjoyable. Pan Duo® Pans are made out of high quality durable hard anodized aluminum material and have a 14 inch pan size for only $20.


Pan Duo is currently starting production so take advantage of this pre-order sale. No obligation & no money down, just reply back to this email saying you are interested and we will shoot you a remainder email when production is finished. It's that simple and your pre-order discount will be applied when you are ready to purchase this product.

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