Introducing Pan Duo® Pizza Pans!

Finally, there is a pizza pan that combines the delicious taste and crust of a round and square pizza all in one unique pan.  No more arguments at the dinner table fighting over which type of pizza to choose from.  Save time, money, and the headache of choosing between a round and square pizza.  Just sit back and enjoy the best combination since peanut butter and jelly.

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Professional Quality Pans!

Pan Duo® Pans are made from a professional heavy gauge hard-anodized aluminum and are coated with an Ultra Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Copper Coating.  Making them lightweight & extremely durable, about 30% stronger than stainless steel pans.


Cut Perfect Slices Directly Onto The Pan!

Every Pan Duo® pan now include Easy Cut™ cutting guides built onto the pan.  Easy-Cut™ allows you to cut your pizza slices perfectly directly on the pan without the need of a cutting board.  Letting you serve perfect slices and portions every time. 

Eliminating Cutting Board Use!

Pan Duo® is an all in one pan that allows you to cook, cut, and serve with the same pan. After cooking cut directly onto the pan and use it as a serving tray. Eliminating the use of a cutting board and a serving dish which shortens clean up time and saving you money.


Ultra Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Copper Coating!

This new ceramic copper coating has titanium in it making the coating exceptionally durable and strong.  Not even a Mapp Gas Torch reaching 5300°F (2926°C) can melt or peel the coating off the pan.

Strong Scratch Resistance Surface!

The titanium in the ceramic coating also gives the pan scratch resistant properties with a 7H-8H Mohs scale hardness.  Which makes the coating stronger than steel, cobalt, and quartz.  Your traditional pizza cutter cannot scratch this pans coating when using it directly onto the pan.

Ultra Non-Stick Pizza Slides Right Off The Pan!

This Ultra Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Copper Coating is so efficient not even pizza or an over cooked egg can stick onto the pan.

Large Cooking Surface!

Pan Duo® is not just limited for cooking your favorite pizza.  With its Ultra Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Copper Coating and large cooking surface Pan Duo® can be used to cook or bake anything your heart desires, even desserts like brownies.

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Create Amazing Desserts!

40% Bigger Than Competitor Copper Pans!

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Dual Coated Surface!

Pan Duo® Pans have a Dual Coated Surface meaning that the front and back of the pan is fully coated with the Ultra Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Copper Coating.  This allows uniform cooking throughout the pan.


Plenty of Pizza for Everyone to Enjoy!

A large Pan Duo® pan equivalent to about 14 inch diameter standard round pan creates 5 slices of a round type pizza and 6 slices of a square type pizza.  Plenty of round and square pizza slices for everyone to enjoy.


Cooks Dough Perfectly!

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Create Deliciously Cooked Pizza!


Fun for the Whole Family!

Pan Duo® is Versatile & Creates Complete Meals!

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20% Bigger Than the Original!



14 Inches Wide!


1.5 Inches Deep!


Best Pizza Pan Ever!