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Pan Duo® The Half Round & Half Square Pizza Pan

Now With: Ultra Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Copper Coating


Pan Duo® is a unique patented pan that combines the characteristics of a round and square pizza all in one pan.  It is the first ever half round and half square pizza pan out in the market.


Pan Duo® Pans are made from a professional heavy gauge hard-anodized aluminum and are coated with an Ultra Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Copper Coating.  Making them lightweight & extremely durable, about 30% stronger than stainless steel pans.

panduo view 1.png
Pan Duo CutDIM Edit.png

Perfect Slices

Easy-Cut™ cutting guides allows you to cut your pizza slices perfectly directly on the pan without the need of a cutting board.  Letting you serve perfect slices and portions every time.


All Pan Duo® Pans are stackable, which gives you the benefit of safely storing your pans and taking minimum storage space.



A large Pan Duo® pan equivalent to about 14 inch diameter standard round pan creates 5 slices of a round type pizza and 6 slices of a square type pizza.  Plenty of round and square pizza slices for everyone to enjoy.

Pan Duo Out the OvenDIM Edit2.png
Pan Duo Stackem1.png

Equivalent to a 14 inch diameter standard round pan

Multiple Uses

Pan Duo is versatile and can be used for your main course & dessert. Also, perfect for hors d'oeuvre, finger food, after-school snacks & heating leftovers.  Use Pan Duo to cook the following Pizza, Cheese Sticks, Wings, Cookies, Brownies, Cakes Calzones, Frozen Pizza, Thin Crust or Deep-Dish Pizza, Bread Sticks, & Etc.

Bigger & Better

Pan Duo® pans are equivalent to a 14 inch diameter x 1.5 inch depth prefect for deep dish, standard, & thin crust pizza.  That is 20% bigger than the original Pan Duo® pan and 40% bigger over competitor pans.  Giving the new Pan Duo® pan plenty of cooking surface.



• Ultra Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Copper Coating

• No Oil Or Butter Needed Everything Slides Right Off

• Safe & Eco-Friendly Coating

• 100% Safe: BPA, PFOS, PFOA-Free & PTFE-Free

• Professional-Gauge Hard-Anodized Aluminum

• Cooks Perfect Crusts For Ultimate Crispiness

• Even Baking Temperatures For Uniform Results

• Cleans Up Easily With Warm Water & Soap

• Scratch & Corrosion Resistant  

• 7H-8H Mohs Scale Hardness

• Freezer & Dishwasher Safe

• Oven-Safe To 750 F

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